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055 carbon fibre Q90 4-section tripod

055 carbon fibre Q90 4-section tripod
055 carbon fibre Q90 4-section tripod



The Manfrotto 4-section 055CXPRO4 tripod combines the best performances of the 055 carbon family with lower dimensions. This tripod is compact and light, with the patented Q90˚ system for quick vertical-horizontal movements. The legs adjustable at four different angles and an integrated levelling bubble is placed on the top plate.
    • Q90° quick centre column system. This model include the patented Q90° system. This ingenious system allows the user to move the central column from vertical to horizontal position in just seconds without having to disassemble the column.

    • Ergonomic and easy to use

    • This tripod features a newly designed ergonomic leg angle selector. This new angle selector improves the comfort and the precision in use.

    • A leveling bubble is integrated on the magnesium top plate. Top plate designed to maximize lightness and resistance.

    • Manfrotto tubes are made of 100% carbon fibre in order to reach high quality standards and high levels of performance, rigidity and lightness. Carbon fibre tubes can be very different in quality, depending on the production process and the percent of carbon fibre material present in the tubes. Manfrotto chose to reach the maximum quality using 100% carbon fibre and the pull winding technology (a special production process able to maximise performance, resistance and reliability).

  • attachment number 3/8'' screw attachment type 3/8'' screw attachment type
    centre column rapid rapid
    Color black color black color
    column tube diameter 28mm 28mm
    leg angles 23°. 47°. 66°. 89° 23°. 47°. 66°. 89°
    legs tube diameter 29.2 . 24.8 . 20.4 . 16 mm 29.2 . 24.8 . 20.4 . 16 mm
    material carbon fiber tubing + magnesium castings carbon fiber tubing + magnesium castings
    patent patented patented
    closed length 21.46 in 54.5 cm
    leg sections 4 number 4 number
    Maximum Height 66.93 in 170 cm
    maximum height (with centre column down) 53.35 in 135.5 cm
    Minimum Height 4.53 in 11.5 cm
    safety payload 17.64 lbs 8 kg
    Weight 3.86 lbs 1.750 kg