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Manfrotto ™
A Vitec Group brand

055 Kit Grey, 755CX3 Tripod with Photo-Movie Head Q5

PART # 755CX3-M8Q5


Kit composed by: Kit with MH055M8-Q5 Head, 755CX3 Tripod. The 755CX3 two-stage tripod features a perfect combination of low weight and high load capacity materials used for its construction and a built-in 50mm half ball leveling system locked by a detachable rotating grip, which allows the camera operator to level the camera without needing to make micro adjustments to each individual tripod leg. The MH055M8-Q5 is the innovative photo-movie head developed to simply be the best and most ideal solution for the new HD DSLRs with embedded video functions. With a single product it is possible to take advantage of an extraordinary Photo Head and a Fully Featured video head. The unique Photo-Movie selector makes switching from shooting photos to videos quick and immediate, experiencing the best of both worlds. In Photo mode the head provides the speed and maximum freedom in all directions, like a ball head combined with an incredibly precise, smooth and controlled movement never experienced before, thanks to the fluid cartridges and an adjustable counter balance control. In Video mode a fully featured video head allows for a precise and fluid movement for pan and tilt with all of the typical video settings, including friction control. The pan bar is reversible for right or left hand users and it can quickly be removed and fixed on a tripod leg, thanks to the included rest clip.


closed length
77.0 cm
smoke color
leg angles
23°. 47°. 66°. 89°
leg cross section
leg sections
3 number
legs tube diameter
29.2 . 24.8 . 20.4 mm
maximum height (with centre column down)
152.5 cm
maximum length
177.5 cm
minimum height
60.0 cm
safety payload
7 kg
3.21 kg

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