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Manfrotto ™
A Vitec Group brand

293 Aluminum Kit, Tripod 4 sections with Ball Head QR

PART # MK293A4-A0RC2


The MK293A4-A0RC2 is the most compact ball head kit in the 290 family. Ideal for travelling, the 4 section tripod is fitted with the detachable aluminium ball head. It is the best solution for compactness and rapid movements. The anti-shock collar protects your camera from accidental impact, whilst the 3 faced design column prevents rotation to allow for increased accuracy and steadfastness. Leg locks provide a rock-solid support and with their innovative adjustability they provide a consistent and excellent performance.


closed length
52.6 cm
leg angles
23°. 51°
leg cross section
D shape
leg sections
4 number
legs tube diameter
22.5. 19. 15.5. 12 mm
maximum height
147.6 cm
maximum height (with centre column down)
128.6 cm
minimum height
37.9 cm
safety payload
4 kg
1.8 kg

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