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Variable Friction Elements

Variable Friction Elements
504HD Systems

1 - Easy-Link Connectors
Two 3/8” EASY-LINK CONNECTORS are located on the top plate to allow accessories, such as monitors or lights, to be easily and securely attached. This new feature means the camera hot shoe can be used for other accessories, or kept free to reduce weight and lower the center of gravity for improved stability.

2/6 - Brakes
Independent brakes on TILT and PAN axes. The 504HD’s new disc brakes are inspired by automotive design, and are more than capable of keeping the heavy equipment safe, stable and in position.

3 - Safety Pin
Your equipment is always secure: even if you forget to block the sliding plate, the secondary safety pin prevents the plate (and your camera) from falling.

4 - Pan Bar Attachment
The pan bar attachments on both left and right sides of the head give maximum flexibility. Both attachments have a substitutable rosette wheel, which can be replaced easily and cheaply if it suffers wear or damage... preferable by far to having to substitute the whole side wall of the head.

5 - Head Leveling
The back-lit bubble spirit level lets you level the head even in low light conditions.