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Manfrotto ™
A Vitec Group brand

By Carrying Type

Manfrotto Bags offer a choice of preferred carrying modes; Backpacks, Shoulder & Messenger Bags, Slings, Holsters and Pouches. Your first decision in the bag selection process should be what carrying type you like best, then you should check out what fits your gear and last but not least what fits your style!


Backpacks are ideal for comfortable carrying of a lot of gear for long durations of time. Carry your gear well balanced on your back and access it when you reach your location.When choosing a backpack the most important thing to check is the harness and...

Shoulder Bags

Shoulder Bags and Messenger Bags are perfect for daily city use. Carry your camera and personal gear around town while keeping a low profile and moving freely amongst the crowds. When choosing a shoulder or messenger bag, style is just as important as...


Slings are great shoot-as-you-go solutions. Carry your gear on your back and simply swing the bag up front for quick access when the perfect shot presents itself.When choosing a sling we recommend you select your key gear set-up and aim at the smallest...

Rolling bags

Rolling Bags offer the best traveling mobility when transporting of a lot of gear from location to location. Be it locally or internationally organize your gear in an optimally protected working and traveling case.When choosing a rolling bag the first...


Pouches are the basic protection for any compact Point & Shoot camera. Carry individually or stored in your bag.When choosing a pouch style and fit are key factors. Once you have chosen the style you like we recommend you try out at least 3 consecutive...


Accessories are designed to enhance your user experience and offer specific attention to the smallest working details and needs. We suggest you check out the accessory range on offer and see if any of the recommended items can really help you.