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Manfrotto ™
A Vitec Group brand


Backpacks are ideal for comfortable carrying of a lot of gear for long durations of time. Carry your gear well balanced on your back and access it when you reach your location.When choosing a backpack the most important thing to check is the harness and weight distribution. We recommend loading the backpack with all your gear and trying it out to see how it fits, weighs and feels on your back.



External Height(H)

External Length(L)

External Width(W)



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Pro V Backpack Black
Part Number: MB LB050-5BB

black color 42.5 cm 34 cm 26 cm 2.798 kg

Pro VII Backpack Black
Part Number: MB LB050-7BB

HKD$ 4,600.00
black color 47.5 cm 36 cm 27.5 cm 3.083 kg

Active Backpack I
Part Number: MB MA-BP-A1CA

HKD$ 1,250.00

Active Backpack II
Part Number: MB MA-BP-A2CA

HKD$ 1,370.00

Gear Backpack L
Part Number: MB MA-BP-GPLCA

HKD$ 1,210.00

Gear Backpack M
Part Number: MB MA-BP-GPMCA

HKD$ 980.00

Advanced Travel Backpack
Part Number: MB MA-BP-TRV


Professional Backpack 20
Part Number: MB MP-BP-20BB

HKD$ 1,850.00

Professional Backpack 30
Part Number: MB MP-BP-30BB

HKD$ 2,100.00

Professional Backpack 50
Part Number: MB MP-BP-50BB

HKD$ 2,550.00
Compare up to 3 products