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Manfrotto ™
A Vitec Group brand


Rugged, tough and strong- the Studio tripod range is ideal for studio and indoor applications. It has been developed to stabilize the extra loads associated with large equipment and to guarantee maximum precision. Each tripod has a geared center column with a “non-rollback” mechanism. The top spider is in reinforced die cast aluminum and the legs are stabilized by an adjustable mid level spreader. With a wide range of sizes and weights the Manfrotto Studio family meets the needs of all the professional and advanced photographers.


closed length

leg sections

maximum height

maximum height (with centre column down)

minimum height

safety payload



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Triman Camera Trpod black without Head
Part Number: 028B

HKD$ 2,530.00
82 cm 3 number 227 cm 179 cm 77 cm 12 kg 4.15 kg

058B Triaut Camera Tripod Black
Part Number: 058B

HKD$ 3,550.00
94 cm 3 number 217 cm 191 cm 44 cm 12 kg 6.15 kg

Super Professional Tripod Mk2
Part Number: 161MK2B

HKD$ 4,880.00
105 cm 3 number 267 cm 242 cm 44 cm 20 kg 7.95 kg

Aluminium Pro Geared Tripod with Geared Column - Black
Part Number: 475B

HKD$ 2,810.00
80 cm 3 number 188 cm 162 cm 43 cm 12 kg 4.3 kg
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  • 4 results - SHOWING 1-4