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Heavy Duty Grip Ball Head

Heavy Duty Grip Ball Head
Heavy Duty Grip Ball Head

PART # 322RC2
HKD$ 1,160.00


Take the versatility of a ball head, add true ergonomic control and you get the 322RC2: a photographic head that allows you to unblock, move, position and lock your camera with one hand in one position thanks to the revolutionary design of its grip handle, which incorporates the ball lock lever and can also mount the 322RS shutter release accessory. A friction control wheel lets you regulate the power of the blocking mechanism to match the weight of your camera/lens. The 322RC2 is made from magnesium for lightweight performance, and is designed to keep the weight of your kit as close as possible to the tripod's centre of gravity by way of its reduced height. It is this fact, matched with the precision construction of the 322RC2 that gives the head its load capacity of 5kg. Complete with built-in bubble spirit level and quick release camera plate (standard 1/4' screw, with secondary safety pin). Suitable for use with 35mm or medium format cameras.
    • By keeping the head and camera mounting plate as low as possible, the camera is kept safely closer to the tripod's centre of gravity for more stable support

    • The compact, rectangular 200PL quick release plate system fits neatly under small-bodied still cameras up to SLR (even with tele lenses) or small medium format, or under small video cameras or spotting scopes. Its rubber pad gives a good grip without damaging the camera, and its angled sides ensure that it also fits perfectly and tightly into a wide range of Manfrotto heads

    • Ergonomic and easy to use

    • Separate control for pre-setting the friction of the ball when unblocked. The position of the red line indicates the approximate amount of friction applied.

    • A convenient single locking mechanism blocks or frees movement on all axes for greater speed of use

    • Sturdy all-metal construction

    • Reversible centre column allows head and camera to be mounted below the tripod - useful for: low-level shooting (because it keeps the tripod and your equipment out of the mud); working with heavy loads (because weight lowers the tripod's centre of gravity, making it more stable); and also for use with 'mirror-image' view cameras

    • This head features a secondary security lock so you can't accidentally release the plate (and camera) without meaning to. The lock stops the quick release lever from opening fully

    • The built-in, carefully hand-set bubble spirit level helps make sure your horizons really are horizontal.

  • attachment 3/8'' female thread attachment type 3/8'' female thread attachment type
    attachment number 1/4'' screw attachment type 1/4'' screw attachment type
    ball friction setting yes yes
    bubble spirit level (no.) 1 number 1 number
    Color black color black color
    front tilt -90° / +90° tilt range -90° / +90° tilt range
    independent pan lock no no
    lateral tilt +90° / -3 tilt range +90° / -3 tilt range
    material magnesium magnesium
    panoramic rotation 360 ° 360 °
    patent pat. pending pat. pending
    plate type 200PL-14 200PL-14
    quick release yes yes
    secondary safety system yes yes
    safety payload 11.02 lbs 5 kg
    Weight 1.79 lbs 0.814 kg
    working height 10.3 10.3