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Manfrotto ™
A Vitec Group brand


Our extremely modular background support system is reliable, simple to use and flexible enough to match most of your support needs for paper, drapable, hand-painted or canvas backgrounds, in the studio or on location. For core mounted backgrounds the system used is based on the Expan chain operated drive developed by Manfrotto.
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B/P Clamps for use on Autopoles
Part Number: 044

HKD$ 880.00

Background Paper Hooks For Six Expan 046 sets
Part Number: 045-6

HKD$ 690.00

Two Section Aluminium-Core
Part Number: 047-2

HKD$ 500.00

Background Paper Single Hooks Set of two
Part Number: 059

HKD$ 200.00

Wall Mounted Background Paper Hooks
Part Number: 059WM

HKD$ 200.00

Background Roll Supporting Spigots
Part Number: 850

HKD$ 2,710.00

Control Box - 220V
Part Number: 852

HKD$ 9,760.00
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  • 7 results - SHOWING 1-7