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Manfrotto ™
A Vitec Group brand


Our kits are combinations of head and tripod separates in a single product. When you opt for a kit, you can be sure that the components are the perfect match for each other, yet in almost all cases you'll still be free to swap either the head or tripod in the future if you need to. Some kits also include a bag or carrying strap or other accessories designed to make your life easier.


The Expan background paper/fabric roll drive set is at the base of our background support systems, whether manually driven or motorized and remotely controlled.

Hydro Arm

If you need some way to hold your camera from a pane of glass, or 11.75' (30cm) out from your tripod, or at 90° to horizontal, or level even though the ground is on a slant, or in any other unusual position, then look here for a wide range of imaginative solutions