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Manfrotto ™
A Vitec Group brand

LED Lighting

After forty years manufacturing camera and lighting supports, for the first time, Manfrotto delivers a stylish family of LED lights, designed and built for portability and ease of use.The Manfrotto ML Series of lights have been designed for both videography and stills photography in low light situations and use high-quality LEDs with consistent colour and performance across the range.Manfrotto’s LED technology offers lights that are cool to the touch, silent running and have a lamp life of over 50,000 hours. The LEDs are balanced to a colour temperature of 5600K daylight for a natural appearance. Each light can be mounted directly to devices with a shoe fitting or existing Manfrotto supports using the ¼” threading on the bottom of each light. There are four sizes of LED light to suit all users, ranging from a Pocket ML120 featuring twelve LEDs to the Maxima ML840H which has eighty four. All units apart from the ML120 are dimmable, allowing the user to control the exact amount of light needed for the perfect exposure. Brighten up your videos and pictures.

Continuous LED Lights

LED lighting for videography and photography is a relatively new technology, having been developed for this use only in the last twelve years. It is widely used in Hollywood and TV and movie studios Worldwide and is a cool running, energy efficient, light...

Hybrid LED Lights

Hybrid LED Lights have been designed for both video and still photography. They are available in three LED units: Midi Hybrid, Midi Plus and Maxima. Hybrid LED Lights are a really great lighting option for either the videographer or photographer on the...

Spectra Professional LED Lights

Manfrotto capitalizes on its decades of experience in the photo and video business and introduces Spectra, a new family of LED Lights, designed to meet the needs of demanding professionals. Spectra LED fixtures stand out from the crowd of standard LED...